Tenerife South (TFS) Airport Transfers

Amongst plenty of interesting islands which belong to the Canary Island archipelago we have an island which is called Tenerife. It is as special and unique as the rest of the islands, so it is also a very good reason to consider this island to be your next holiday destination. First of all, you will get here everything what you need to have a proper holiday, because it has everything what it takes to have a great summer holiday. It has the natural beauty which can be found by the Atlantic Ocean on the plenty of clean and sandy beaches. What is more, it has the proper infrastrucutre such as hotel, restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the local cuisine. A great thing about the tourism infrastructure in Tenerife is that it has a very huge variety, That means that everybody can find something for themselves. There are cheap place and more fancy once. It all depends on your interests and especially on your budget. An important thing to know about Tenerife is that this is the biggest island on the Canary Island archipelago. It also has the biggest amount of citizens of them all. When it comes to the size it covers the surface of 2034 kilometers. When it comes to the number of citizens it has about 899 833 of people. That gives a high density while comparing to other islands of the Canary Islands archipelago which equals 442 people per square kilometer. However, it is still not being crowded. Most people live along the coastline, because they can make their living out of tourism in those most popular areas. A fun fact about the Tenerife Island is that it has the highest mountain in the whole Spain. That island is called Teide and it has about 3718 meters above the sea level which is quite a lot. That way in Tenerife you can enjoy both beaches and mountains.

Tenerife South Airport Transfers

To plan a holiday means for the most of people to decide about the destination and book a hotel. A lot of people are not thinking about the way of getting from the airport to their hotel. They think that they will just figure it out when they arrive. We ask, why bother then when you can do that earlier. If you will go to our website AirportTransfers24.com you will find a list with wide range of services which means that you can reserve yourself a private airport transfer with us.

Tenerife South Airport Arrivals

To make your journey much more convenient and more comfortable we are always sending our drivers to wait for you at the arrival hall with your name written on a welcome board. That way, you will find them easily. From now on, they will be taking care of you till you get to your hotel. All of our serives are door to door which means that the driver will not leave you until you get to the door of your hotel or apartment or any other type of accommodation which you have booked.

Tenerife South Airport Departures

 A lot of people are being stressed on the last day of their holiday, because they are worrying that they may miss their flight. To avoid that type of stress we are strongly recommending you to book yourself a private airpoirt transportation with our company. We will pick you up on time at your hotel and our friendly and professional driver will do everything to take you to the airport on time. There is no risk that he will get lost on the way somewhere.



*Price for whole group per run: Transfers between 11pm and 6am will be charged the night-time fare - additional 30% per ride.